Legends of atlantis

Once a dominant and advanced naval power, the great island nation of Atlantis was inhabited by half-god, half-humans who enjoyed a lush, rich life in a society where technology and magic were one.

That is until a brutal earthquake caused the island to be swallowed by a wrathful ocean. Being incredibly advanced, the Atlanteans used their technology and demigod powers to accelerate their evolution to survive and flourish underwater.
Chapter I


For centuries, Atlantis was lost to the outside world, until it was raised from the depths by its inhabitants and restored to its former glory. This time as its own breathtaking Metaverse.
Chapter Ii


In this roadmap, we will explore the different aspects of the Atlantean Metaverse, how it has already advanced, and will evolve further over time.
Metaverse - what we have already achieved
  • checkmark
    NFT World number #6134 acquired, and it is bigger than whole Sandbox and Decentralized combined.
  • checkmarkAtlantis city is built inside of NFT World, and to give you idea of the size, you need to spend over 6 hours walking around the city to explore it all.
  • checkmarkWe have constructed a dedicated and exclusive VIP area for our most loyal Atlanteans to lounge, relax, and party.
  • checkmarkSeveral innovative games have already been built, allowing Atlanteans to interact, compete, and enjoy each other's conversation.
  • checkmarkA monumental Colosseum has been constructed to allow Atlanteans to test their mettle against their fellow citizens in a battle royale.
  • checkmarkMany completely unique assets have already been created, specifically designed for the theme of Atlantis.
Land in Metaverse
  • 1 Atlantean NFT = 1 Parcel pass NFT for free!
  • Parcel pass will allow you to access a unique part of the land that is tied to that NFT.
  • You will be able to teleport to your land from any location inside of Atlantis.
  • You will be able to have your own villa built in there, along with a lot of cool features.
Atlantis Metaverse Token - Atlantium
  • Atlantis will create its own internal economy, using Atlantium token to operate with in-game items, offering unique benefits within our Metaverse.
  • The Atlantium Token will allow you to buy prime real estate and premium homes and unique weapons and vehicles in the metaverse.
  • All Atlantean citizens will have the option to stake their Atlantium Token, simply by holding a Legends of Atlantis NFT.
Atlantis Metaverse Events
  • Multiple games will be running 24/7 for all Atlanteans to enjoy, no matter your real-world time zone.
  • A dedicated Atlantis events team will organize multiple tournaments exclusively for all Atlanteans.
  • Our events team will create new special events that will be based on NFT type, allowing Atlanteans of all creeds to challenge each other.
Legendary Atlantean Art Quality
  • Only Atlanteans will have the ability to choose from three different types of 3D model inside of collection.
  • Every trait, characteristic, and asset on an Atlantean NFT is completely hand-drawn.
  • Atlantis has over 20 senior digital artists from Disney, Blizzard, and Nickelodeon.
Atlantean AR FBX Files Free for All
  • All Atlantean citizens will have full access to their FBX files, once we fully mint out. Which will allow them to use their avatars in full-fidelity form across multiple platforms, including AR and VR.
Atlantis Giving Back - Royalties
  • 100% of royalty profits will go back into the project in the form of research and development.
  • Research and development will be hyper-focused on expanding the Atlantis Metaverse, increasing our reach to new members, all while developing more exciting and ambitious events.
  • Royalties will also fund events that occur multiple times per week for maximum community engagement.
Atlantis Physical Items and Merchandise
  • While we are 100% Atlantean, we want to acknowledge our real-world people who make up our community with physical items, which will be decided on and purchased as a community via our DAO.


game functionalities

Chapter IIi


Let it be known that our members are all loyal Atlantean citizens, and together, our actions will shape the bold future of Atlantis. Atlantis doesn’t just represent an NFT, it represents a whole new living, breathing digital world where our members can create and realize their wildest fantasies.
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